Prohibition Ends At Last! is a organization and campaign whose mission is to end cannabis prohibition as it currently stands. While we have nearly 25 states with medical marijuana laws, and two recreationally legal states, we support the cannabis revolution and the legalization of marijuana.

We aim to demystify the lies spread about the cannabis and hemp plant back in the 1930's up until today, and let the general public know about benefits and truth about cannabis.

We are a cause that does not seek to profit, and with your help we will create and promote a cannabis advertising campaign that is positive and informative.

The advertising campaign will consist of all levels of marketing from traditional television ads, print magazine ads, billboards, to intregrated online marketing from email blast and social media to pay-per-click advertising and targeted banner ads.

We have two ways to contribute.

Option #1 - You can submit a payment ammount of your choice.

Option #2 - You can purchase a Prohibition Ends T-Shirt, brought to you by The Edibles List, and 50% of the proceeds will go to the Prohibition Ends advertising campaign project.

We thank you for supporting a revolutionary movement!



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